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Jeremiah Bannister interviews author and attorney Christopher A. Ferrara about his new book “The Church and the Libertarian.” They discuss the Austro-libertarian movement, Catholic Social Teaching, and Distributism.

This interview runs just under one hour.

To purchase Mr. Ferrara’s book, please go to:

The Remnant Press.


About the author: Jeremiah Bannister


Jeremiah Bannister is the creator and former host of Paleo Radio. He writes about politics, economics, religion and culture from a Catholic perspective. Bannister lives in Michigan with his wife and four children.


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  1. Please please please– could you put it up as an mp3?

  2. I’m having difficulty playing the interview on the toolbar. It will be buffering for a moment but then an orange exclamation point appears with a message that says “We’re sorry. Playback timed out.” (my laptop doesn’t have windows media player so I can’t just listen to the interview on that). Is anyone else having the same difficulties?

  3. Susannah and Robert,

    Let me know if this persists. We tried to put it up as an mp3 but the file exceeded the available space allowed on the site. So we had to shrink it down to a .wmv file. Should any of you know a better way, send me an email.

  4. Listening now, thanks Paleocrat!!! and of course, Richard Aleman, too….

  5. No luck yet. If you do get your hands on an mp3 of the interview just email it to me. That’d be much appreciated.

  6. Or perhaps the mp3 can be uploaded to an online storage site like Megaupload?

  7. Mine just opened up into Windows Media Player

  8. Listening now. Great interview…quality isn’t so good but good enough.

  9. Excellent talk, thank you.