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  • Mondragon Revisited

    Mondragon Revisited

    Revisiting recently for the fifth time, it was impossible not to be impressed by the resilience that has enabled them (Mondragon) to take their share of economic hits and emerge largely unscathed.

  • Hard Times in Farm Country

    Hard Times in Farm Country

    The destruction of productive wealth is not good for farmers and ranchers and it’s not good for rural communities and it’s not good for our urban communities either. It's called "eating your capital" and is a sign of desperation wherever it occurs.

  • The People’s Supermarket

    The People’s Supermarket

    Farmers are very often forced into destroying vast quantities of their produce, because it doesn't fit the narrow, mostly 'aesthetic', criteria employed to select food for sale at supermarkets or to restaurants. The People's Supermarket has made a very important decision in deciding to work directly with local producers and effectively guarantee to buy all their produce and bring it to market.