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  • The 3% Solution

    The 3% Solution

    The advantage of being out of power is that it gives a political party time to think and reflect. Better yet, it gives a party the opportunity to fight, and to fight with its most serious enemy, that is, itself.

  • Consequences


    If it costs a company $3,000 to maintain insurance coverage for its employees, but the fine for eliminating that coverage and sending the employees to the government exchange or get a personal policy is only $2,000, then they will choose the option with the least cost.

  • The Petraeus Affair

    The Petraeus Affair

    Yet we need to step away from the honeypot, that is Broadwell, Jill Kelly and the love triangle. That is just a cover to distract us from what is really going on. In good fashion, the media which is obsessed with sex, will do nothing but focus on this facet and ignore the real story.