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  • Nationalization


    A society in which the mass of men have no experience of ownership, a society in which the mass are long used to living upon a regular and frequently recurring dole, is a society which sees in Socialism the short-cut to its ideals.

  • The Restoration of Property

    The Restoration of Property

    The change in philosophy is our root difficulty, but the second is that it has produced a certain state of society. It is a state in which by far the greater part of men are attuned to being wage slaves, that is, a state of society in which a man is more afraid of losing his job than of anything else.

  • The Guild System

    The Guild System

    Every kind of good would flow from the re-establishment of the Guild, and without the re-establishment of the Guild the effort to maintain well-distributed property, even if we had already achieved that good distribution, would be vain.

  • Communism Has Failed

    Communism Has Failed

    There are four main proposals offered for setting things right again. The first three are false remedies, the fourth is the true remedy, which is the restoration of property, the building up of economic freedom for the mass of men, and the re-creating that independence of the family which industrial capitalism has destroyed.