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  • Two Difficulties

    Two Difficulties

    Injustices must be removed, bad systems changed, human values made effective once more in their right order. But these things cannot be done so long as the men and women of the nation are ignorant, apathetic, even antagonistic to what they ought to cherish.

  • There Was a Socialist

    There Was a Socialist

    It is not Socialism for the State to endow hospitals, any more than for the State to support reformatories. Socialism is not a condition in which the government can help hard cases or protect and patch up economic evils; it has that power in every healthy Distributist community.

  • G.K. Chesterton’s Distributism

    G.K. Chesterton’s Distributism

    The home is the place where the important things happen. The economy is the place where the most unimportant things happen. The backwardness of the situation is something constantly pointed out by Chesterton: “There is nothing queerer today than the importance of unimportant things. Except, of course, the unimportance of important things.”

  • What We Are Getting At

    What We Are Getting At

    We propose the gradual re-creation of English agriculture, of English crafts, of English country life. We suggest that as England becomes more and more self-supporting the need for foreign markets and food imports will diminish.